Friday, November 04, 2011

Mwah! Kissing You

Thanks for hanging in while I put my life together: a rigorous writing schedule, fellowship stuff, and everyday life. I've been trying to be super- disciplined with my writing, which unfortunately does not translate to my blog.  Once I shut my computer for the day I'm remiss to open it again other than to watch  Medium, my new favorite show. 

{dress- plenty by tracy reese; boots-frye; sweater-gap}

Yesterday morning a good friend texted me.  She'd had a bad dream and wanted to talk about it. It was early-early, usually a time when I get an hour or two of work done while the rest of the world snores away.  I suggested that we go for a run...she's faster than I am, so it was a great workout. (Though I'll admit that I was a little embarrassed at how heavily I was breathing.) No need for my jogger's mace with two of us, though I did wear my reflective strips. I never said I wasn't lame.

I had this dress chopped at my local tailor. I still think it's a smidge too long-- I wanted it to hit at the knee-- but I still like it.  Tracy Reese is my favorite, favorite designer, and I have to stop myself from  buying her stuff...especially since it seems to go on sale at multiple venues pretty often.

I wore this last Friday to a local gynecological cancers conference...but I'm not ready to talk about that just yet. How's that for a cliffhanger? Shame on me!

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