Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Ah, Halloween, the holiday of ghouls and sweets.  

I, quite frankly, am sick of sweets, having had my fill in recent weeks.

My weight loss, not surprisingly, has ground to a halt. Screeching halt-- yes, that is more accurate.  It is only in the last few days that I've pulled back, started to remember that candy is not a food group. 

booties- belle by sigerson morrison

It seems that in a blink the weather has gone from later summer to Fall.  My sweaters still smell of moth balls, and many of my pants from last year don't fit-- the latter a victory, I suppose, if a small one.

{jeans- levi's; sweater- LOFT; top- anthro}

This year for Halloween I am a gold digger-- see my shovel and my price tag? I can be bought! Yes, it's cheezy, and nope, I didn't buy a thing to make this costume "go." My neighbors' costumes and cocktails party was a cinch, but even just creeping next door it was far too cold for my original costume idea-- Billie Holiday. My white dress was sleeveless, and um, no. It snowed.

{leopard skinnies-current elliott; top- vince; shoes-anthro}

Instead of shoveling down goodies I am eating a yummy salad and gearing up for tomorrow's freakishly chilly run...which I desperately need!

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