Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Going, Going...

Gone.  Summer, that is.  While I wait for my roof to be repaired I am kissing the cool weather.

I can't believe it's October already. Wowza. Where has the year gone?

{top- ella moss; dress-anthropologie}

I've had the running bug recently, and got a little over-zealous on some hills on Saturday.  Man, am I feeling it this week!  It just goes to show that surfaces really do matter!


This top is  a a little disco, a little blinged out. I happen to really like it. As I joked to my bestie, I'm hood like that.  Add to this my famous nightgown-as-dress (as skirt) and my new favorite shoes and well- well.

I ran into my former next-door neighbor on the bus yesterday on my way to campus.  She was an odd bird, a housebound and opinionated woman in maybe her late 50s. She lost her house a few months ago, just after we moved in.  "I'm having a terrible time finding a place to live," she said.  "Apartments aren't cheap anymore because so many people have lost their homes too."

I had never noticed before that she was beautiful?  And tiny? Having never progressed beyond the porch, the two of us had only had a couple of conversations (one, ironically, was for her to repair a leak that was impacting our roof; the other was about products for our natural hair). She seemed frail, and her strangeness was amplified by the public nature of a crammed bus during rush hour. 

Now her home is occupied by a sweet Asian family with two wee kids. They bought it at a steal and ripped out its insides, made its first floor an apartment. Planted mums and put out pumpkins and always sweep up after their tree.

There are only two black families on the block now. 


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