Thursday, September 29, 2011

Everything that Rises Must Converge

I've spent my limited free hours with fashion magazines and Ally McBeal.  A good use of time, I know.  

I've been pulling out looks that feel authentic to me, that are the adjectives that I believe I would want my style to be: classic. Casual. Colorful. iguess.

Can these things go together? We shall see. This is an outfit I wore to a potluck to see a friend's new baby.  When I got there, the host was doped up on pain meds she'd gotten from BREAKING HER RIB THE DAY BEFORE. She was cycling and a car door got her...damn drivers!  I had one shout at me at 5:00 in the damn morning-- I mean, why?

I am so dewy these days.

In the meantime I am pretending that I am not high risk for breast cancer.  That's right: I am doing nothing. I am putting off the surgery until I'm sure I'll have the time to recover.  Going to a conference for others like me at the end of October.  Working, exercising.  Trying not to get injured.   

The other thing: I am having absolutely no battles with food. None.  Unless you count all the gas I'm getting from honeycrisp apples. That is truly a battle. Just ask my dog, who gets banned from the room when I blame him for the smell.

top, belt-anthro; jeans- paige; bag-junior drake

My life is pretty crazy right now as the semester jumps off.  I like it.

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