Thursday, October 06, 2011

Crazy Check

Bestie and I have this thing where we call each other, share a situation, and ask: "Am I being crazy?"

{top- ancient; skirt- anthro}

The situation can be anything from overspending on shoes to more complex issues in relationships.  The thing is, sometimes without a bit of distance from an issue, well- I can react almost on autopilot, justifying my actions based on what felt best at the time.  And since I am hotheaded and sensitive  (along with the contrasting qualities of being thoughtful and decisive) I call one of the people who knows me best to help talk me through it. 

{shoes- elizabeth and james "kitty"}

I am having some doubts about pausing my surgery. There are good reasons for holding off-- namely the timing of the recovery, as well as just being a bit freaked out about the whole thing in general.  But I keep reviewing my stats-- thinking about the reasons I opted for the surgery in the first place.  As the time for another mammogram, breast exam and MRI loom, I am shocked by my clear- minded response:

You don't have to do this.

I could get the mastectomy and be done with it all. 

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