Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quickie: Moving Right Along

It's been a rainy, gray week here in the city of brotherly love.  Thank God the roof is back on-- no puddles mildewing the carpet!

As usual, I am working like crazy on a proposal and some stuff for work.  Feeling good.  Running every other day these days, with fingers crossed that shin splints stay away.  I have a secret solution that I will share with you kind folks this weekend. **Seriously, fingers crossed!**

pants- ann taylor; top- anthro; no-iron blouse- land's end

Yep, there's those red pants again.  I can't help it...they're so fun.  

There is lots going on in the blogosphere this week. As usual with social media, I am late to the party, but it makes me sad-- the infighting, the name calling, the cattiness and speculation.  Not to mention a huge online swindle. It makes me wonder: how many of us represent the same personas online as in real life? 


p.s.- did you get those apples
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