Monday, September 26, 2011

Quickie: The Roof's on Fire

Let the motherfucker burn! Not really.

But now the second floor's roof is leaking.  Today we have been in our (newly refurbished) (hugely expensive) (dream) home one year.  And I will celebrate with mildew settling on the walls of our guest room. 

Last week's roofer is curiously absent.  Call after call.  

top- anthro; jeans- paige

On a good note: I have had several weeks of running without pain. Aaaaaaaah, I am trying not to push it too much. But it feels so good to run! And my body is getting that shiny look of a regular exerciser.  Yay! Progress?

I wish I knew more about wtf I am doing.  Can I add a day of running? More minutes? How much to strength train? 

Anyhoo, plugging along...

hair- humidity

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