Monday, September 19, 2011

"Now I believe you."

Yesterday I quite literally ran into a friend-- she was biking to her long run and I was finishing up a coupla miles with Naughty Dog. By this time I was dragging his ass, tired as he was from yanking the flexi- leash to chase squirrels. Some background: my friend is a real runner.  I watched her and another friend run a marathon in our second year of coursework.  She literally "runs" errands.

When we met for dinner some time ago, I asked her about my shin splints and if she had any tips for a beginner. And today, do you know what she said? "Now I know you were telling the truth!"

{too- long jeans-levis;jacket-anthro;top-gap}

Now. I know that many of my buds can be awkward, this one especially.  It was 6:45 am, and I am without my typical accouterments (i.e., makeup, real clothes). But when she said that, I was pizzed. Tha fuck?

I have found that people will always find something to feel smug about: their schools, their finances, their athletic ability, their clothes. People even get that superior feeling from recycling or having great hair. There is that "I know something you don't" mentality that for a swift moment bolsters our egos.  Fat cats who swallowed canaries, we are.

 I suppose it is human nature. 

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