Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: OMG, You're so Plastic

Plastic surgery appointment #2 went better than the first: the doc talked to me as if I were a real person.  And she actually smiled.

{skirt- OLD; top- ella moss; sweater-anthro}

She also sent me pics of a black woman who'd had the surgery I'm considering, and it freaked me out.  The depth of the scars was much more pronounced than when viewed on our peach- skinned counterparts-- who, incidentally, make up 100 percent of the images I'm able to find online.

Now I'm torn: am I back to implants? They leave a nice, sweet scar that only my eyes would see.   Or should I screw the whole thing? (No.) Quite frankly, I'm confused but know that if I'm to use December to recover, I'll need to schedule the surgery soon. But the idea of implants seems strange to me.

I'm confused, but not all angst-y. I will figure this out. 

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