Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quickie: Back in the Saddle

So I'm back from my running injury and feeling good.  I think.  Of course, post- injury I have to cut back mileage, which pushes me back to a plan I wasn't crazy about. Well, a plan whose lack of rest days I wasn't crazy about. I decided to take two rest days and add strength to cross training days. Iguess. 

{skirt-maiya; top-jcrew}

I feel a little silly. I don't know a thing about running, and there seems to be so much to know: stride, pace, base- building, recovery, cross- training. But I'm out there...reading all I can and hoping I learn something that keeps me from killing my shins.

{shoes-lucky penny via anthropologie}

Anyhoo. The academic year has unofficially started again so I'm back in the saddle there too.

10K, here I come...

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