Thursday, August 18, 2011

On Weakness

This week, sidelined from Bridge to 10K, I've been doing the elliptical.  Imagine my surprise when I felt good cranking it up to a super- high level-- proof that my fitness level has improved through all this running. I lifted some weights as well, knowing that I have needed to get consistent with that for awhile.

{jacket, necklace- anthro; belt- jcrew}

But the thing is, I've been weak and irritable and tired.   Too tired to run even if I didn't have shin splints.  I'm eating cleanly but don't really feel like it. And I certainly don't feel like it if it's the cause of my feeling so crummy. Maybe I'm missing the runner's high? (I didn't even know I'd had one.)

Last week's appointment (and subsequent confusion) also made me feel weak emotionally.  Normally I am confident and decisive, but that day found me weeping on a public bench on the phone with my mom.

{dress- splendid; shoes- charlotte ronson}

Ugh, I hate feeling so out of it.  Hopefully the addition of some good carbs will make tomorrow's run easier.

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