Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: On Stretch Marks

I have them: most prominently on my arms and breasts.  They've always been there, though admittedly appear more visible when my weight is up.   They are not from being fat (though at 208 pounds I was very fat), nor from  having children.  I remember having stretch marks in the third grade, when I also grew boobs and had my first period.

When I lived in Florida I had a sort of permanent tan, I noticed the stretch marks on my arms seemed to respond to tanning-- they were darker and thus less noticeable.

When I notice my stretch marks in pictures, my first instinct is to photoshop them out.  (If I knew how to work photoshop, that is.)  But then that would be lying, and I can't lie here: I hate them.

Naughty Dog likes photos

I do hate them. I hate them. I got over the ones on my arms, but the ones on my breasts give me the sads. I have 30 camisoles to keep my breasts covered in even moderately low v-neck tops and dresses. So now as I consider options for reconstruction, a little voice in my head keeps asking, "Will they cut my stretch marks off too?" 

{dress, tracy reese via anthro; belt- anthro; shoes- mia shadow}

The answer is mostly no. I feel a little guilty feeling bad about it.  I mean, this isn't a boob job-- I am doing this to extend my life and improve my physical and emotional well- being.  It seems silly to worry about how my breasts will look when the purpose of this whole surgery is to reduce my risk of breast cancer.

It's silly, I know, but I feel sometimes like my stretch marks say to the world, "This woman does not care about herself."

And I do. 

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