Friday, August 12, 2011

Guru: A Fun Word

Sounds like a friendly pet or something, no? Guru indeed.

So you know I was trying to figure out which training plan to do: Hal Higdon's or the Bridge to 10K. At first it was super easy for me to make the decision-- I chose Higdon's because it starts me precisely where I am right now and progresses slowly.  But a coupla days in, I decided I wanted a day off. And there wasn't one.

world's most boring outfit. but hey, I was helping someone pack. and I lurve this dress.

So, you guessed it: I am using the Bridge program, which, though it takes me back to (useless? confusing?) intervals, allows me the flexibility to have a day off when I feel like it.

ben franklin bridge, yo

My intervals weren't that one minute, they were hardly long enough to bring my heart rate down. I still don't understand why they're there, but whatever.  I suppose as a beginner  I will defer to the fitness gurus who've gone before me.

Yesterday was also my consult with the plastic surgeon.  I liked her, though not as much as the surgical oncologist.  She made some recommendations, including one that I...consider everything.  I felt frustrated.  One of the most challenging things about this process is trusting another person's expertise (medicine) with my body. 

I am ready to have this fucking surgery and move on. More on that later, gator.

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