Friday, July 22, 2011

Sorry for Myself: A Happy Friday Post


All week I've been a bit melancholy: there's this crummy gig, leaks in this giant house, crazy heat, and my upcoming doc's appointment.  The visits never fail to freak me out, even in my attempts to be rational about them.  Self, I say. It's just a hospital. It's just a cancer ward. It's just an MRI/plastic surgery consult/surgical oncology consult/mammogram/breast exam. And then I take some deep breaths and freak out some more.

It is what it is.

I suppose recognizing that these appointments are stressful has made my decision for surgery easier, if nothing else.

{top- anthro; belt- h&m}

I read some new books to distract myself. Do some try- ons at my favorite store. Exercise. Play with the Naughty Dog. Take photos of kids. Eat watermelon.  You know, healthy behaviors. But in the back of my mind...I think I am a little angry at my body for not being fully healthy. Damn you, hereditary breast cancer!

I'll get over it...iguess.

{skirt- loft}

But I did say that this was a happy Friday post, no? And what makes everyone happy? Polka dots, duh. And booze, which I will have later in the form of a mojito. This weekend is our little street's block party...on the hottest day of the year, of course (103 degrees! Is this really Mexico?).  

I am thinking of buying one of those little inflatable pools and just sitting it it.

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