Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday: Stuff I Love, Stuff I hate

Naughty Dog preys on his owners by following them around looking cute and splitting his affections based on how hungry he is (me) or how much he wants to play (lovebug).  I feel so... used. Like a play toy.  

Which got me thinking about my new play toy.

{dress- joie; belt- south moon under}

I am taking a pause from running  this week because of the intense heat-- the humidity here has been a thousand percent all week, and I cannot seem to run very far when my body is threatening to keel over with every step.  But next week will see a cooldown so I'll be out there trucking.  I mean tracking.

See my new friend? 

Early on in this running thing, I was having trouble figuring out just how far my body was taking me.  I mean, "I ran to the end of the block" notwithstanding, I just had no idea how much distance I'd covered. And quite frankly, it didn't matter much, as I was just trying not to die. 

But then I started to like this shit.  And my GPS app  on my iPhone was often WAY off base-- it once told me I ran a 27- minute mile, which basically meant I wasn't running at all, but rather sleepwalking in running shorts.  

I also  tried the web applications for runners such as mapmyrun and googlemaps.  The difference in distance  from the two was about a half mile, far too much variance for a sweet lil ol' beginner like me. 

 So I broke out the Garmin.  For a hundred bones on Amazon, this little guy talks to the sky and tells me  exactly how far I've gone. It can also do a billion other things, but that's all I bought it to do.  I guess I should mention the computer program for runs, the heart rate monitor, and the lap function.  But I haven't used any of those yet.  I just turn that bitch on and look down after I've been running for about 30 minutes in hopes that I'm close to three miles so I can stop this torture.  

Josie and Wifey like theirs too.

Come Fall I'd like to run longer distances-- though I don't see myself being interested in more than a 10k or so.  After that it just seems like things would get too painful.

Course, that's what I said about running in the first place.

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