Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"Hurt"een Pounds: Weight Training Recs?


Shin splints are not a game.  Evidently one of the more common injuries for runners old and new alike, shin splints cause pain below the knee.  I've been battling these since hitting the 20 minute mark in Couch to 5K, but today- a victory!

dress- zara

 After icing twice a day (frozen brussels sprouts work great, haha) and using some stupidly expensive orthotics, I had a GREAT run this morning!  Maybe I will complete this program before heading to Ghana after all!  Two more runs to go. 

When I return from the trip, I'll add a weight program to the mix too. Any recommendations?  I am trying to stay out of the gym for now, but am open to  videos that use bodyweight or require weights (I have up to 20- lb dumbells here, a step, resistance bands,  and a weight bench).   And please...no P90X.  I know it works, but- no.

I am absolutely swamped with work, and can't do a damn thing about it except, um, work. So my apologies for not commenting much in the blogosphere these days.

Whelp, back to the grind.

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