Monday, May 16, 2011

Sexy Secretary. Um, Not Really.

So.  Recently, in my pics, I can tell I am losing weight.  Even though the scale isn't really moving, other things are shifting.  

earrings- anthro

And the reason the scale isn't really moving?

I am eating like shit.  Since C25K, I have been hungry.  At first I thought it was thirst (which, to some extent, it was), but I feel as if the normal meals I've been hanging onto for this whole journey aren't cutting it anymore.  Thing is, I can't pause weight loss.  I still have more to lose- doctor's orders. 

cardi- jcrew

I have really good willpower, so I know something else is going on here.  I'm going to make sure I'm getting all 4 cups of veggies in my plan and eat a bit more fat to see if that calms the raging monster that is my stomach.

belt- h&m

Thanks to everyone who commented on the surgical oncologist (including two comments that were visible via blogger, but not actually on the blog! Weird!).  I called to see the other one, and they refused to schedule me since I'd seen Rat Face.  I escalated it to the division director, who has basically ignored me, I'm sure hoping that I'll settle down and go away. More calls next week will determine my next move...though I do really want to stay at the University Hospital, so I may just have to suck it up. 

top, skirt, earrings- anthro


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