Friday, May 20, 2011

New Gig

Happy Friday, friends!

Whelp, my fellowship for the year is officially over.  All that's left is a mound of paperwork.  Today I begin my summer gig-- designing website content for our business school.  I'm pretty excited to get going, though it will be a lot of work, especially coupled with data collection.  

These shoes make me weep they're so pretty. {pumps- charlotte ronson}
I'm taking a day to clean the house and work on our garden, which I am terrified of screwing up.  I've planted and re-planted, built a wall, pulled up flowers and debated adding more.  And after all of that, I think the garden still looks sparse and leafy versus lush and colorful.

Time, I suppose.  It needs time. Like most things.

{shirt- zara; denim trousers- j brand}

I recently spoke with a team member from the surgical oncologist's office.  Her kind words made me feel A LOT better about the doctor.  She also made me an appointment to meet with the plastic surgeon, the other puzzle piece in this whole mastectomy charade. I feel a lot more comfortable now.

And finally, after blowing one opportunity and winning two others, my (amazing!) fellowship from this year was renewed-- a huge surprise because the program was cut!   I can ride out the rest of this dissertation without having to work in the real world, where even the kindest bosses often can't empathize with the rigors of the dissertation/data collection. 

{necklace- anthro's "horn and plenty"}

Time.  This time last year I was just recovering from my mother's cancer-- from helping her through  her surgeries and teaching her uni classes.  Once back in Philly, I decided to drop several jobs + affinity groups that were unfulfilling and time- consuming, and  I made the scariest academic decision I'd ever had to make. I made a bid on our house, and, after many months, moved in.

And today, for the first time probably in my life, I ran for almost half an hour without stopping. 

What has time proven that you can accomplish?
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