Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oscar (the Grouch)

I am in a grouchy mood these days.  It appears that the universe is trying to teach me something. 

Universe, I am listening.

Without a ton of time to distract myself with clothes, I still managed to watch the pre- Oscars show (and a teeny, weeny part of the show itself.  It got really boring).  I was loving the fantastic dresses!  As a person new to wearing dresses, I could appreciate all the spanx it took to hold things all together. And tape. And stylists. Yes...I have a stylist. Meet him here: 

There was good and bad: 

Mila. Love the peekaboo lace and the gorgeous color!  And that slight peplum is to die for.  

Amy.  Amy Adams sparkles in this dress-- post- baby and fabulous.Not crazy about the neckline, but the bling (Cartier) is like whoa.

Jennifer.  Jenny, now skinny.  May I advise a push up bra, dear?  We'll forgive you this time.

Cate. WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS? She looks like she needs a shield. (She's mad buffed, though.  Perhaps this dress is a tribute to all of the swordfighting she's been doing in her spare time.)

Scarlett.  Frankly, my dear, I do  give a damn. That dress- so lovely!  Looks like our little girl is all growed up!

Halle. Every year you get younger and more beautiful (and let's face it...more crazy).  But we love you anyway.  Who can say no to eye candy like this?

What were your Oscar hits and misses?

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