Monday, February 28, 2011

Quickie: Weekend Recap

This weekend, I:

-became acquainted with the now- defunct TV series Ugly Betty. (Why did I not know about this show? Beauty, class, fashion, culture, and New York City...all wrapped up into a pretty funny show!)
-got another fellowship! But if course now I will have to choose.
-sat on our front porch in the sunlight.
-kissed Lovebug.
-went to a conference.
-got another huge project dumped in my lap.
-had yet another data collection blip.
-purchased a new blender for my green smoothies. 
-had a sleepover with a dear friend.  
-Took my first photography class, which was GREAT! 

Not too shabby!

Details to follow this week...

Back at it,
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