Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Snowstorm? Really?

And not a few flakes, either. SIX INCHES. Four days ago it was 75 degrees!

I returned to denial by donning a springtime sweater and a shirt I bought in the throes of summer.

pants, tank- anthro

So I love the way these pieces look.  The shirt is an anthro fave.  I like the idea of a bustier for the busty-- an impossibility without um, thick attached straps making it a tank.  Even then, it's a wee bit risque, with its sexy seaming and sheer lace at the top. Because if this, it's been hiding out in my tank top drawer since August.

shazaam! hello, boobs.

But beneath a cardigan the top is a fantastic contrast. This one is slightly cropped with silk panels on the back and shoulders.

Giving a (slight) nod to cooler seasons is my leaf necklace.  A REAL LEAF! FROZEN forever IN BRONZE.  Classy, I know. Extra clessy.

sweater- banana republic

In other news, I signed up for a photography class, so my pics shouldn't look like overexposed outtakes like the one above.  I'm REALLY REALLY excited about this, as all of this dissertation stuff has taken over my life made it difficult to remember that I eventually want to work creatively. 

Here's to new beginnings (that had BETTER NOT INCLUDE MORE FUCKING SNOW),
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