Friday, February 04, 2011

On Cardio, Heart Rate and Hate

Ooohhhhhhhhhh, I hate cardio.  Too much movement, too many jiggly parts.  Swimming (and figure skating, shut up)  are the only two that captured my heart.  And there have been skiing, tennis team, and, briefly, the softball team.  And running, which I did to prove to myself I could then promptly stopped after my first race because I hated it.  

See a trend here? I hate cardio.

The logical 13 appreciates that this could be one hindrance for reaching her ultimate weight goals. 
The illogical 13 doesn't give a shit and is sick of trying on sports bras that claim to hold down F cups but ultimately fail. Imagine the force of F- bombs to your chin.  There, there dear.  I didn't mean to scare you.

But about a year ago, I sort of fell in love with the elliptical at my gym: low impact (i.e., little to no bounce), total body (my arms got quite the workout too) was love at first stride.  

So Lovebug bought me an elliptical. 

Note: Friendly, fit white girl not included.  Unless she's you.

It has a seat which serves as a bike function, which I haven't used but Lovebug loves.  He set it up in our basement along with a weight bench.  And can I say-

It's been killer.  I don't know what I expected: maybe that an at-home machine would be a little easier? Or that I would be so pleased to be at home that I wouldn't notice my soaring heart rate? I will admit, it is a bit easier to really push it when I am not worried about what my bobbing breasts look like to the male population at the gym. 

Did I say that it's been killer? 

Loves it. New challenges are always a good thing.
Happy weekending,

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