Monday, February 07, 2011

Golden Globes

The globe being my head, which is apparently gigantic.

Or: tips on how to erase your face by standing in front of a curtain the exact same color. 

Whichever.  At least I know what my undertones are. 

jacket-calvin klein; top-arden b

This was an outfit worn to a super- casual barbecue spot on South Street.  I am from Memphis, the barbecue kingdom, so barbecue has to be exceptional for me to eat it. 

It was exceptional. Smoked, cooked sauceless (a GREAT thing since I avoid sugar in sauces) and soooo tender.  You know, kind of like me.  Tender. And moist.

jeans- levis 505; boots-calvin klein

This jacket isn't the best closes with a peplum hem, which I AM SO TOTALLY INTO RECENTLY, but open, it does not appear to close at all (it does), a pet peeve of mine.  I felt like I was wearing an old lady suit jacket on top of a playful shirt.

Actually, that's kind of what happened, haha.  It is part of a suit.  Either way, I look top- heavy, which of course I am. 

I am sort of loving this lipstick.  It is my first everyday lipstick as an adult, and the first that doesn't seem overdone and, well, lipsticky.  It's this great color that the store clerks managed to match perfectly to my skintone...with just enough shine to distract from the oil on my t-zone, lol. I bought three shades. 

I'm impressed.

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