Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Getting (C)older

I have realized I am no longer willing to backpack. While this may not seem like a big deal, consider that I've traveled the world solo, often on a shoestring, bringing little more than a fresh change of undies and a digital camera.

I realized this week that that isn't my preferred mode of travel anymore.  When faced with the possibility of  crummy lodging, I would sometimes just as soon stay home.  I realize that this changes my worldview dramatically, and also realize that if push came to shove, luxury won't always win out.  I'm not a snob, after all.


When it comes to this new fur trend, I just can't make myself get with the faux.  I've tried. I try to think of the little animals and view fur coats as pelts rather than the warm snuggly- wugglies that they are.  Faux looks great in magazines and on other people, but I pretty much always look like a muppet in it.  Maybe I'm just too rough on it. My muppets faux furs look matted. An error in storage, perhaps?


Member them?

Part of this is practicality: real stuff is warm.  And in winter--especially this winter-- I need to be warm.

Enter this:

A fur- trimmed puffer coat that does not make me look like the marshmallow man.
I got it for a winter-coat-in-Florida price (bargain- basement cheap, almost- free cheap).   It will be my only clothing purchase in February, as I am saving up for somewhere warm where I absolutely will not need anything that even faintly resembles it.

In a hotel with a 4- star rating. *wink*

Here's to comfort, muppets and warmth,
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