Thursday, December 27, 2012

(Moving on: Tatted Up)

So I got nipples...and tattoos for areola. I AM SO HAPPY WITH HOW THEY LOOK. From the front-- head-on-- no one can tell I had surgery. My breasts are small, pert. I do not need a bra. It's bananas.

From the side, I have some puckered skin on one side. It bothers me a lot, but I can't imagine another surgery for some time. Not for such a small thing.

From beneath, I have scars. I actually like them.

I am so happy with my breasts and the work my docs did. And of course I'm very happy that my risk is reduced. Now I'm back to exercising like mad, and seeing how much I can do with this whole weight lifting thing.

I haven't  been back to any FORCE meetings, which is a combo of not feeling like traveling an hour out, not wanting to focus on my sort-of-painful risk/hereditary stuff anymore, and just being plum tired on the weekends or after work.

And now...moving on. The last couple of years were stressful, and as I peeked back through the blog I sort of gasped at how much I was working/healing/planning. I'm in the working world now so next chapters of my life have to shift offline. I plan to update when I have boob- related things happening, but for now...

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