Wednesday, April 18, 2012!


I am graduating. It is real now.  Still swamped, but at least I can plan a menu for my graduation shindig, no?

I am currently revising, but my mind keeps shifting to the next thing: a job! When most postings went out last year, I was pretty sure that surgery + loose ends would mean  being a December grad. But I'm almost done.

And there's me ^^. Not particularly fashionable and wearing nothing new.  But ready for this new chapter.

(And yes. It appears that I am shrinking. I don't know how much and can't care at the moment. I am guessing that this is pretty close to a happy weight for me, though I will keep working at fitness.)  

I am, however, ready for these expanders to GET OUT.  After weeks of not sleeping, I started taking the muscle relaxant the docs gave me post- surgery.  It was the only thing that got me through the night without feeling hung over the next day.  Sometimes I still struggle with sleeping, which is hard, because such long hours writing mean that theoretically my brain should be as sharp as it can. Ha!

Just a quickie update for dat azz. 

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