Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: The Problem with "Good"

Mostly I feel like I look pretty good: good for my age, good at this weight.  This general level of satisfaction with my outward appearance can very well lead to the type of apathy that keeps me just a leeetle bit over where I want to be.

{dress- some shop in Paris; belt- jcrew; wedges- bandolino via tj maxx}

With my surgery and recovery, I've used exercise purely as an energy booster to keep trucking on the dissertation.  Seriously.  Like, I have not been focusing on weight loss AT ALL. And yet. Yet. I am losing weight. I wonder whether to make a more concerted effort to speed things along (everyone looks fat in a graduation gown, for reals!) or just let the weight keep dribbling off.

Last year I promised myself that I'd use these photos as a yardstick for how I was faring, but I focused a lot on the clothes, too.  With my whole top half so in flux (and a promise to myself to purchase more investment pieces) I don't have much new stuff to showcase this Spring.  I've altered pants down instead of buying new ones; stopped buying tops and jackets completely; and own, other than my mastectomy bras (ew! and ouch!) only three bras. For now I'm good with this pared- down approach.  

But with regard to my exercise-- I have recently wanted to be as fit as possible- yeah, weird, yanno? I mean, I want to go longer, move faster, lift heavier.  As a challenge to myself rather than as a method of weight loss.  I guess this is what heavy exercisers at a healthy weight do all of the time, but hey, it's new territory for me.

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