Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Betcha Thought I Forgot


I am getting better and better every day. Still super tired.  I am behind in my fellowship work but trying not to worry about it. I got one of those "nice to hear from you!" responses from someone I work with.  I'm sorry, pal. I just had my tits cut off and I'm murdering my dissertation. Forgive me.

{following my first fill}

Good news: on Monday at after my fill, I got the ok to exercise.  Still no lifting, but my runner's legs are itching.

Not really.

But I do believe that exercise is good stress relief and will help me get stronger.  I dunno, though. Even car rides make me so aware...of myself.

Anyhow, not exercising makes it easy to lose weight: I was Captain Calorie Restricter for some time.  But I like exercising. So to be healthier, I have to eat more.  I'm looking for the balance-- or, rather, the unbalance-- that will allow me to lose some weight without feeling as if I'll keel over. 

So this WLW= trying to exercise without feeling worse or impeding my healing.

Letcha know how it goes.


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