Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy Recovery: My Life 6 Weeks Post

After week 5, I noticed something: my stamina was back!  I could read and work for hours and hours!

Of course that came with the very real actual work. 

FORCE Meeting Sunday was good. They are truly a special group. As always, it was nice to hear others share their experiences.  There were a few new young women in the group. I think of myself last year...so scared.  Begging pops for our family's medical info that, as he shared it, kept getting gloomier and gloomier.

Newest issue: sleeping. Having expanders is like having plastic cups in your chest, and they are hard as-- well, as plastic cups.  I wake often during the night; last night I made it until 4 am before just getting on up and doing a little work...and finally passed out again about 6.  Now that I'm a coffee enthusiast, I don't panic as much about sleep, but I can feel some lasting effects if I go several days in a row with too little.

Tomorrow is my 4th fill. I'll admit I am scared SHITLESS after that last one.  I plan on going totally  doped up, dissertation be damned...for an afternoon, at least. 

And finally...I am losing weight.  My sixes are back in the mixes after years gathering dust.  Of course my stomach looks like a giant loaf of bread now that I can see it beyond my formerly F- cup breasts.  But apparently I'm a six sometimes up top too...first time ever. But damn, my wubba is huge. (I did work out 4 times this week...just sayin'.)

Slow progress on everything: dissertation, weight loss, reconstruction...

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