Thursday, February 16, 2012


I am writing like a maniac.  It is frustrating and crazed and exciting and fun. But alas, the end is in sight! 

Kind of.

5 weeks post surgery

5 weeks post surgery I feel really good.  I'm exercising again-- just the elliptical at half mast-- for a half hour per day-- but I feel good. I have been going out here an there, mostly for brief stretches, and my work schedule has been "normal" for awhile now.  Only downside is driving, which I hate. The bumpy road irritates my chest a bit, as does sleeping on my stomach.  I can still "feel" my chest...when I'm pumping the soap dispenser, when I'm sweeping up outside, when I plug in my iPhone charger.  It's weird- the awareness.

This week the hypersensitivity has calmed down a lot. It was A BITCH those first few weeks: imagine how your chest hurts sometimes when it's cold...then multiply that by 100.  


With the restrictions off, I can lift my little dog, and shopping bags, and carry all of my shit to campus and back, which today included a laptop, 4 books on qualitative methods, lunch, a coffee thermos, and the three notebooks I rarely travel without. I'm sleeping my typical 7.5, and though I'm still a tad out of it, I push through so as to have good night time sleep.

I'm still tired but I am beginning to suspect that wired eventually = tired.  This is the first time I've been a regular coffee drinker, so I suspect caffeine is the culprit.  

I wore this getup to a fancy/schmancy restaurant with five other buds.  It was also the first time I've had booze since the surgery, and wow, I will not be doing that again.  My brain turned off for two days-- and I had not had pain meds for days prior.  One drink and the next day was spent watching Saving Grace and sucking down water with lime.

I suppose it's all a learning process.  Here's to healing.

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