Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Benched from shinsplints again, I posted a thread on runner's world after limping home in three different area codes.

Look, body.  All I want to be able to do is run for an hour four times a week.  Is that so hard? (Evidently so.)

Responses from the board:

-Has anybody ever told you if you are a heel striker, forefoot, or midfooter?
-try staying off of concrete, run on the track, grass any soft surface for awhile
-I adapted to a midfoot strike with shorter strides.
-I was a heel striker and am working on switching to mid/fore foot striking and that is making the difference.
-Shin splints are more often than not caused by poor running form.

Overwhelmingly, the responses suggested "checking my form."  Evidently I've been doing this shit all wrong. You mean I am not supposed to look as if I'm in pain when I'm running? No?

So I'm back, and this time being intentional about my stride. And you know what?  My azz is tired.  Midfoot striking means lifting my damn leg more.  I came home after my jaunt today and took a nap.


(But no new shin pain.)


Can you tell I don't give up? I don't give up.


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