Thursday, November 10, 2011


There are some sorry people in my life that I want to get rid of. I always try to figure out people's perspectives but when they consistently act like asses I'm unable to do that with much regularity.


I, I, I-- personal blogs are often navel- gazing. But they sure are a neat record: when I re-read my blog, I also "hear" what I left unsaid.

{blouse-jcrew; pants-land's end; necklace-anthro}

I'm gearing up for a conference this week in Los Angeles.  Can you believe I have been all over the world but never to the West Coast?!?!?! Wait, does Hawaii count? I told myself that it was because I was saving "tame" US trips for a time when I would be less mobile-- like when I have a little kid, or when my mom gets older and can't do extended flights.  But this week I'll board a flight for a few days with other the sun. I can't wait to run in a new place and see a new part of the country! Granted, conferences are not technically for pleasure, but they are are a nice way to shake yourself out of your comfort zone.

When I get back I'll throw down a smoke bomb, clear the premises. Toxic people get the boot. Everybody else...bring a mask.

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