Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well, the Bestie Came for a Visit

and all I have to show for it is another round of fun memories and these shoes.  We forgot to take pics her Chimay and my vino, of playing with my VERY NAUGHTY DOG and reading InStyle magazine. Oh, well.

Matisse "nugent" wedge booties

Oh, yes.  Sold out in my size all over, my clandestine super-spy powers located them on the cheap, determined that my single monthly purchase would damn well be one to remember. They manage not to be over-the-top while remaining super comfy and kinda interesting. Even better? They sort of bypass the "hello, everyone is wearing leopard right now" with a more subtle print, methinks.

I am sloooowly building a wardrobe of shoes that will take me the few blocks to campus without blisters or chafing. I am sloooowly realizing that most heels in the 3" range and above won't allow that. But I'm told by the bestie that walking comfortably in heels is a skill...

{top-vince; jeans-levi's; bag-junior drake}

I'm trying to learn it.

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