Monday, October 17, 2011

Slim Gym

Yesterday as I was waiting for my (African, on-African-time) local coffee shop to open (10 minutes late, hello!) I ducked into the gym next door for a tour.  It's been there forever, but the university gym is crazy  amazing and a little cheaper, so I never bit.


{dress- catherine malandrino; boots- frye}

This gym is right around the corner from my new crib.  It's not as nice as our gym, and it was hot in there, but I could see it being useful when the weather dips into the single digits.

Cons: there is no swank; even  a lil' stank. They could use a housekeeper.
Pros: It's black- owned and around-the-corner. One block, my friends.

Best of all, you can purchase membership by the month, so if I want to just use the gym in the chilly winter, I can.

I dunno. We'll see as the barometer drops...

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