Monday, April 18, 2011

Going Once, Going Twice

My body hurts. It hurts. But I can't stop running. And yes. I still hate it. Yesterday I was running just before dawn and a drunken wanderer stood in the middle of the street, singing, "This ain' no fucckin' Amerr-ca."  I was like, dude, only in fuckin' America would I be unsurprised (and unafraid) by your crazy ass. Ah, the beauty of a diverse neighborhood! Get your drank on, man.  But don't pee in the bird sanctuary.  The yuppie granola types will tolerate a bit of yo-ho-ho at dawn, but do not fuck with their community gardens.

I feel exhausted.  I mean, more than normal.  I suppose I am using muscles that have long been asleep? I am curious about this week's weigh- in, as I have hit the top of my calorie and carb range every day.  I haven't really gone over, but still.  One thing I have noticed is a bit of fluid under my eyes.  So...I look exhausted too.  My new makeup has been put to goooood use.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my recurring dream.  I have some ideas about what it means, and will share those with youse later this week.Yes, youse. It's all Philly now.

top- jcrew; shoes- naturalizer; belt, necklace- anthro; scarf- mom

 I bought these pants at Anthro for a song ($20).  They're cropped and pleated and made of rayon- three strikes- but I like them a heckuva lot.  In fact, I've already worn them twice: both times to the park during a brief respite from this crummy weather.  I wanted to be comfy because I knew I'd be chasing down this:

It was a neighbor's birthday and I was the unofficial photographer of the day. 
Plus, let's be real. It is still cool outside.

The second go round was at our monthly flea market.  It happens in the park near my home, which is also where the farmer's market takes place each week.  This time, sans kidlets and meeting a friend, I wanted to be a little spiffier.

 That's right. This top again.  (You can also see it on Molly here.)  It was paired with cropped pants in this month's catalog, I believe, and I just copycatted it. No guilt here, haha.

And now I wish I'd added more color, maybe with a bright belt and shoes. But guess what? I don't have either.  Oh, well. The money fairies will find me eventually, and I'll be waiting with a wishlist.

Thus the week begins, always with some trepidation, some excitement.  

What pieces do your each for over and over again? 


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