Monday, March 14, 2011

The Funny Thing About these Jeans

Ah, my welcome  back to Philly included cooler temps, cloudy weather, and a happy, leaping dog. While others may be on "Spring," it is definitely still winter here. Hiss and boo. And tweed.

top- ann taylor; tweed jacket- anthro "blustery days"; jeans- levi's 505; boots-calvin klein

A friend of mine, who knows we just bought our home, asked me, "Did you get more closets in this house? You have a ton of clothes."  But you know what?  I don't.  

Case and point: my jeans.  

I have three pairs of jeans, and now, one pair is too big to wear without showing my bum.  I am not quite sure how this is possible, given that a size for me is 12 pounds and I have only lost 8, but whatever.  Another pair, the one above,  I bought 7 years ago and recently RIPPED RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.  Thing is, I have no idea when they ripped or what I was doing to rip a perfectly perfect pair of jeans right at my ladyparts.  I hope that I did not give a peep show to any of the nice folks I was working with that day. Though I am sure they liked that shit.

I had the thought that I'd mend them until I found them again on Zappo's for forty bones, a not-too-expensive investment for someone on her way down the scale. So as of this moment, I have ONE pair of jeans. 

One lonely pair.

See? Time for new clothes, obvs.  I'm a regular pauper over here.

What about you? Need some new digs? Enter to win a gift card here: Anthro Spring Forward Giveaway.

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