Friday, March 18, 2011


I have a cold. It will not go away!

I hate being sick. My eyes are swollen, so I used dark eyeshadow.  I wonder if this fools anyone?

skirt- target; shirt- ann taylor

I had a great study date yesterday afternoon with my dear friend.  We didn't get a ton of work done, but talked through some methodological and epistemological issues we're having with our dissertation work.  It made me feel good to pause and get his opinion-- he is thoughtful and brilliant and willing to frankly discuss intersections of race and class in ways that are unique to a gay man/white African/wealthy businessman/intellectual. We met at a little coffeeshop near my house, and as we left, he complimented me on my sexy heels!  Of course he has great taste too!

This belt is a find.  It's so old that I can't remember where it came from...anyhow, it sits right at my waist which is causing this skirt to bunch some.  I didn't notice it until now.

shoes- anthro

It was warm enough today to go jacketless, but you can see I snuck my good ol' black knit jacket in the mix.  I wear this thing 3-4 times a week.  With all of the crazy sales going on this weekend, I might have to invest in another color. Ahem.

A special note on the top: years ago (before I was born), my mother was engaged to a sexyman from Nigeria. I mean, I saw the pics- he was smokin'!  When they were courting, he bought her several traditional African pieces.  One was a beautiful purple, white and green dyed top with a matching skirt...this blouse reminds me of it. She broke the engagement but kept the outfits...  

I am still not allowed to touch that set, all these years later.
Isn't love funny, even when it wanes? It's strange, the things we treasure.

I am headed outside to treasure my ass some of this 75 degree weather.

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