Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stop! In the Name of Love

Before I break your heart...

Think it o-o-ver.

Head to toe anthro? Oh yes? Oh no!

Think it o-o-ver.

This little ditty was a long time coming.  The skirt was among my first anthro purchases, but I chickened out at how fitted it was.  I'm digging it now, so pulled it out for a Love Day in the City of Brotherly Love.  The shirt was purchased on Anthropologie's trade market  almost two months ago from a wonderful seller (and fast shipper- thanks, Debbie!).

Lovebug upgraded my iPhone, got me a KINDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, a book of pictures, and perfume....he outdid himself-- huge smile here for a reason!  

We went to a little restaurant and had an amazing four courses...it was a beautiful evening.
I was so surprised, and felt so special and loved. 

Hope your Valentine's Day was just as awesome.


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