Thursday, February 17, 2011

I once tried to work for Hallmark, but I was too deep for them

Okay, really my application sucked.  Also, I had no desire to work in Kansas City but my advisor made me apply anyway.  So I made the application suck and moved to Manhattan instead.

So!  After a little hiatus, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaack in action.  Hiatus being the absolute wrongest word ever here because I HAVE BEEN WORKING MY ASS OFF.  Nothing like developing a protocol then trying it out on a subject (okay, social researchers- participant)  fifteen minutes later.

After a week in the dumps, I'm sort of bouncing back, for several reasons:  

1. I got a GREAT opportunity for a new fellowship doing exactly the fellowship I'm doing now, except better, maybe.  Not sure if it'll work out yet but it feels good to know that last week wasn't my only hope.
2. The sun came out.

A bright sunshiney- day outfit for viewing pleasure:

dress- tucker for target; cardigan-gap; belt- jcrew

Look, Mom! No coat!

rabbit fur scarf-street fair; jacket-anthro

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