Friday, May 18, 2012


I was home after 5 hours. My plastic surgeon was her usual professional, brusque self. I am happy with getting this phase done. (If anyone's in or around Philly and wants a recommendation to talk things over or begin the process, shoot me an email. She and my surgical oncologist are amazing.)

Surprisingly, after my last surgery's painless (if VERY uncomfortable) recovery, this time I can definitely feel that there was a scalpel in my body! So yeah, I'm having some pain.

As usual, everyone was incredibly nice/efficient/ some combo of both.

Works for me.

My mother is a gem in every way. Even walking to the car was rough this time, and her Southern self braved the mean city streets to take me and bring me home. We scheduled this around my graduation so that she'd be here.

So there it is...I'm okay, still not regretting one iota of this year or this decision even though I HAVE A FUCKING DRAIN (which the nurse practitioner assured me I would not get this time!).

I will not get breast cancer. I will not. Get.Breast cancer. (And yeah I know there is still the smallest percentage that I can, but guess what? I .Won't.)

Sooo worth it. I've got new squishies to prove it!


ps- thanks for your well wishes. I felt the good vibes as I went in.
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