Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drains/Pains: 16 Days Post- Op

So! Tuesday I got my drains out.  I felt like a new woman-- for about 3 hours. Then the achiness set in.

No question about it-- I feel different.  And yep, there surely is more to feel. I got some exercises to do twice a day and WOW- they really help.  I'm going to stretch the limits of my health insurance (pun intended!) in hopes that they'll pay for physical therapy too.

{There's this what an A cup looks like?}

At the plastic surgeon's office yesterday I asked the nurse question after question, and one that got resolved was the shooting pains I've been getting.  Evidently these are just my nerves regenerating, which means I'll likely retain some feeling across my chest area.  So, a good thing!

{I sort of love this odd little Anthro sweater.}

A new hearing date (May 9!). A dissertation to write. A body to heal.

Last night I sent graduation information to my family, so guess's on like neckbones.

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