Monday, March 21, 2011

The Next Ten Pounds

We had an incredible date night on Saturday with three other couples: burgers + bowling.  The food was phenomenal and the bowling managed to be hip.  How did that happen?
(Two glasses of pino will make anything hip, I suppose.)

We needed the release because one of my favorite professors, who also sat on my dissertation committee, died last week.  His mass was packed with colleagues, friends, and students. As a prospective student I sat in on his class and went back to Harlem so energized and excited to attend school in Philly...I told hubs, "I must go there." A few months later, the good professor did not disappoint. He ended our semester with laughter and toasts and encouragement and frankness and more laughter. 

Death always makes me reflect on my life: is it moving the way I hope for it to? Am I happy? Fulfilled? Working hard enough at the things that are important to me?

cardi- jcrew; tunic-random store in paris; jeggings-hue
Saturday I realized that I've lost 10 pounds. Still such a long way to go.  I want to stay motivated, and right now, because of this cold, I have been feeling terrible about not moving more.  I've basically been immobile for 8 days.

belt, jacket- anthro; boots-calvin klein; bag- junior drake;
scarf- marc jacobs "brody"

Goals for the next ten:

-The return of exercise.
-Smart eating, including some higher calorie/ carbohydrate foods...because I want to eat now the way I'll eat for life, and deprivation has led to overeating in the past. I've been doing okay with this, but still have to be so mindful of over- restricting. 

Have a great Monday,
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