Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jack Frost My Ass

Whelp, another thirteen inches of snow to prove to us that Jack Frost has the upper hand.  Everything's closed: schools, SEPTA, campus.  But of course the miserable thing about working from home is that THE WORK NEVER STOPS. 

I will stop complaining now because I do love it. 


My warm and cozy:

velvet blazer- jcrew; scarf- kohl's

The seamstress was a little too eager with chopping these sleeves, and chopped about a half inch too high.  But for pink velvet I will take a few liberties, even if it is a little high- waisted too.  Sorry, homies.

Shirt- anthro

This is a standout scarf I peeped at Kohl's.  It was my first purchase ever from there, and I'm glad I went in.  They have a great Simply Vera by Vera Wang line (see scarf) and lots of cute sterling silver jewelry.  

jeans- levi's 501; boots- calvin klein

Naughty Dog says whassup. 

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