Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mustard and Cables: A Bittersweet Farewell

shirt + skirt- anthro; cabled tights- tj-maxx; scrunch boots- frye

scarf- swiped from mom; knit blazer-gap

I initially bought this tank at its regular price of $68, then in a rare state of disgust at Anthro prices I returned it.  The sales associates had it paired with the Spitafields skirt, which I already owned, and I could not get the combo out of my mind.  Anyhow, I purchased it on sale later at a more palatable $40.

As you can see from the second pic, the lining of the skirt never quite stays where it should, so it bunches at times. I am tempted to cut it out completely, but haven't found another slip that will fit under my skirts without showing.

Looking at this again, I am not sure I like the proportions of the shorter blazer/longer shirt. It looked a bit better open, but I didn't get a pic...

I said goodbye to a childhood friend today. We've moved together from Memphis to Tallahassee to New York to Philly...and now she's heading further Nawth to Lansing after graduating.  I am sad to see her go, but so excited for her possibilities.  Be blessed, friend. Remember: you deserve everything. Everything.


Eventually I will learn how to edit out all the extra stuff from the pics. Be patient with me...and wave to the monkey.

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